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With Creativ Life Coaching, you determine your future. We just help you get there!

About Creativ Life Coaching

Creativ Life Coaching aims to close the gap between what you say you want from life and what you actually do.  We facilitate change and encourage you to become master of your own destiny by making you own decisions and choice.  Creativ Life Coaching will help you discover what you want, why you want it and what’s stopping you.


After chatting to Chris, I found the answers within myself. I was in a rut like a number of people during the pandemic and needed inspiration and motivation. From my sessions with Chris I made simple changes and haven't looked back. The whole process with Chris was uncomplicated and it got me back on track with enjoying the simple things of life.

Therese M, Administrator

The sessions helped me unpack the projects in my life and brought clarity in what I need to prioritise. In this way, I was able to understand where my focus should be directed and the the systems required to achieve both short and long term goals in my own creative/business life.

Kody B, Business Start Up

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