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​​'Leisure of itself gives pleasure and happiness and enjoyment of life, which are experienced, not by the busy man, but by those who have leisure' - Aristotle

You can try for free, the Leisure Motivation Survey to find out the types of activities you like and why! You can also download it as a PDF

Why Retirement Coaching?

Its no secret we are an aging population and with average lifespans increasing the chances are you will be in retirement for a significant time. So, have you ever thought of how you will spend that time? Will it be interesting and happy, or will you struggle to find meaning and identity in retirement?

Transitioning into retirement can be a stressful and anxious time for some and research shows this is often due to sudden loss of a social group or fear of boredom, affecting identity and other aspects of life such as family and a sense of belonging.

Planning for your ‘leisure-life’ in retirement can contribute to a meaningful retirement and research shows that planned transitioning to retirement will more likely lead to self-satisfaction and success in retirement than no planning.

Using our 'Leisure Life Program' Creativ Life and Retirement Coaching focuses on identifying leisure experiences to help navigate your retirement transition, find new meaningful opportunities and maintain identity

To find out more contact us or go to Book Online and try a free, no obligation discovery session to see if coaching can work for you

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